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December 27th, 2008

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All those that said it was vaporware have been proven wrong.  Sure it was late.  When was the last time that you saw any technology product delivered on time?  They all slip.  Most of the time they slip their schedules so early that the customers don’t even know.  Regardless, they have shipped and many people have them in their hands.  I am one of those people.  I haven’t had much time to use it, but I’ll give my first impression now, with more detail later.

I opened the box and was impressed with the construction and the size.  There was a card in the box that told me not to change the username just yet.  I’m not a fan of that security model.  I plugged it in and it came right up. The mouse did freeze up on me fairly quickly.  It turns out the wireless mouse I was using was causing problems.  As I undestand it, the CherryPal using so little power that it has some trouble with USB devices that need power.  I connected an old wired USB mouse that I had and all systems were go.  I did poke around a bit, but ran out of time.  The main thing I noticed was that the speed was very usable.  I had heard that there were some speed issues.  Personnaly, I thought it did pretty well.  I understand that this computer is not a horsepower machine.  More to come…

Note: Just to be clear I did receive a CherryPal PC for free.  Although it appears that was wasn’t vaporware, has become vaporware, or at least vapor-company….


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