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July 24th, 2008

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Maybe not president, but how about Secretary of Energy?  I need to read up on it more.  However, from what I have read and heard the Pickens Plan sounds pretty darn good.  Take a look:PickensPlan
I understand that distribution is a problem. Transmitting electricity over long distances is not very efficient. You actually lose power in the process. Some winds farms will shut the turbines down during times of reduced demand. That’s not good! There are ways to “store” electricity. Of course you can use batteries. My favorite is underground air tanks. When the demand is low, use the extra power to run compressors that force air into underground tanks or caverns. When demand is high release the stored air and drive a turbine with it. Viola! Stored electricity.

There are plenty of sources of power available. Many of them are immature, but it we work on them, we can make them happen.

  • Wind power is pretty mature – I’m not sure about the efficiency
  • Photovoltaic (typical solar) – Not very efficient yet, but getting better
  • Solar Thermal – concentrates sunlight on something to make it hot, use that energy. My favorites are the parabolic trough types that heat oil or molten sodium.
  • More later…. need sleep….

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