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July 6th, 2008

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Lately, I’ve been looking for an energy efficient PC. I have upgraded to an 80 Plus power supply in my desktop, but it still uses more power than I think is necessary. Now I think a small solid-state system is the way to go. Zonbu came out with one a while ago. I don’t recall the specs, but I’ll track them down and post an update. When they first came out they were selling for $199 (I think), but required a subscription service of ~$20 a month. Not interested! It looks like they are offering the PC without the service now, which is a plus. But they’ve increased the price to $299. Not interested! They do offer the OS as a download. I like that. Unfortunately the hardware is still an issue.

Recently there has been some talk about cherrypal. It’s a similar type of system and looks promising. The last time I checked they were expecting an Aug. 4 release. Hopefully, they’ll be offered at a better price and with no subscription requirement.

Personally, I think if they can sell them for ~$150 they will be available to an entire new demographic. They price would be in reach for many, many more people. There are also those of us who would like several of these low power, silent PCs. I would like to have one in just about every room. That’s not going to happen if the price isn’t right.


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