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July 4th, 2008

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So here’s the deal. We have always respected the environment and never just wasted stuff for the sake wasting it. However, we never really gave a lot of thought to the environment and being energy conscious at all. Now things are getting tough. Oil prices are high, global warming is real (the causes may be arguable), and we can make a difference if we try. So, now we’re trying. This site is just about how we see things. If you agree great! If you disagree that’s fine too. We’re not out to attack anyone or push our beliefs on anyone. Take it for what it’s worth. But we hope you enjoy it.

RHH is a geek. It wasn’t long ago we had 10 different computers running at home. They each did different things. Some were used to run SETI, and Climateprediction .net (these are distributed computing efforts; They’ll be discussed at some point), and we used them to learn new technologies. That kind of thing. Basically, we’re cheap frugal. One day it hit us. “Man, 10 computers, none of which were designed to be particularly efficient, use a lot of power. That’s expensive. Not only is it expensive, it takes energy generation to run them. That’s a power plant somewhere probably burning coal to generate that power. That’s adding to greenhouse gases…” That’s how it started.

We focus on ways to save energy, not be wasteful, and probably some other stuff too. Now, we’re trying be frugal, but still live our life and do the things we want to do. We’re also trying to do our part to keep the planet enjoyable for our kids.


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